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Unlock The Power of Hope and Resilience

  • Biblically-Based

  • Clinically-Sound

  • Certified Amen Clinic Brain Health Strategies

  • Post-Traumatic Growth Training

  • Grief & Trauma Recovery

  • Anxiety & Depression Resilience

  • Connecting the Power of Scripture & the Science of Brain Health

  • Helping You Craft a Life You Love

Coach Misha Porembski, CLC, CBHP

Brain Health & Life Coach Specialist in Widowhood, Grief, & Trauma Post Traumatic Growth


As a widowed-mom, I love making life an adventure: from creating a fun stay-cation with my daughters, horseback riding on the beaches of Costa Rica, and backpacking in Europe as a family. I also love to garden, take walks with my dog, and bake bread. If you can dream it, you can do it! Jesus came to give us abundant life and joy!

For the past 10 years, I have helped coach over a 1,000 widows and women who are grieving. I can help you unlock the power of hope and resilience in your life. Let’s take time to hear your story. Then, together, we will craft a customized plan to empower your grief journey with the Power of Scripture, the Science of Brain Health, utilizing clinically proven strategies, thoughtful conversation, and prayer.


Let’s find your spark again!

What We Specialize In

Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and Trauma Recovery

Creating Healthy Habits

Building a Support System

Developing Resilience Strategies

Personalized Mental Health Plan

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The Journey Towards Healing Begins with You. Book a Consultation Today.

“Grief Strong Coaching is like finding a compass for the uncharted territories that come from losing a loved one."

~ Julie G.

"As a Pastor, I find Misha's book to be the best resource on grieving and overcoming emotional and spiritual pain. 180 Your Life provides tools for healing as well as a practical plan to effectively move forward."

~ Dan Plourde, Senior Pastor, Calvary Church - Jupiter, FL

"I know that many who are grieving and those who walk alongside the grieving will benefit from Misha's wisdom."

~ Susanne F.

Buckhead Church

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